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Beauty Angel Cultivate
Collagen Intensifier 100ml
Cultivate is a rich daily cream, which perfectly fulfils the skin needs after the light treatment.

Beauty Angel Cultivate

  • Cultivate- Collagen Intensifier
    CULTIVATE is an exceptional daily use product, which also perfectly fulfils the skin's requirements following light therapy treatment.
    Myoxinol E; A botox-like, natural, active substance extracted from the okra plant. AS long as skin elasticity and muscle activity are still present, the appearance of wrinkles can be treated. If, however, one of these is absent, other solutions must be used.
    Antileukine 6; Extracted from brown algae, it provides a unique DNA protection against the sun and stress reactions and also has an anti-inflammatory action. Strong resemblance with the skin.
    Allantoin; Extracted from the plant tissue by breaking down certain protein analysing products (mainly in wheat seeds, horse chestnuts and comfrey). Skin rejuvenating, calming, softening and anti-scaling, it also stimulates cell function.
    Bisabolol; Isolated from the Chamomile plant, it has excellent anti-inflammatory effects together with calming and protective properties for the skin.
    Liquorice Extract; Delivers a powerful lifting action on enzymes present in the skin. Pigment and built up waste material can be efficiently broken down.
    Vitamin C; Modern science succeeded to isolate vitamin C and to dissolve it in oil, which on the one hand enables vitamin C to act as an antioxidant on free radicals (affecting the healthy cells) and on the other hand to perform a resistance enhancing as collagen stimulating function.
    1. Remove all traces of make-up and cosmetics from the skin.
    2. Finish preparing the skin by applying an even layer of ACTIVATE.
    3. Post Light Therapy treatment, apply CULTIVATE to intensify the results.
    4. Re-apply cosmetics and make-up as usual.
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