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Beauty Angel Activate. 100ml Bottle 
Collagen Booster
Activate is anti-allergenic and fragrance free.
It prepares the skin with a mild peeling for the light treatment.

Beauty Angel Activate

  • Activate Collagen Booster- Activates cell regeneration during light therapy treatment.
    Sepilift; Triple action for a penetrating and powerful activity against ageing of the skin, together with the active protection of the inter-cellular ingredient Hydroxyproline.
    Matrixyl; Clinical studies have shown the amazing results of Matrixyl. It stimulates the deeper skin layers, more specifically the peptide collagen production and stimulation of fibroblasts. Also assists in accelerating an intensive skin healing. Works much faster and with better results than similar ingredients. With regular application, wrinkles and lines are softened and reduced by up to 68% within a period of 2-6 months.
    Vitamin E; An important vitamin for the skin as it improves cellular breathing and cell regeneration. It also protects the skin against harmful environmental factors, assisting in the prevention of premature degeneration of the skin.
    Glycolic Acid; The leader in the pack of alpha hydroxyl acids, this fruit acid delivers the strongest action. The small concentration in this product ensures a collagen enhancing action. When used regularly, the skin structure is strengthened through the stimulation of new skin cell generation.
    For best results:
    1. Remove all traces of make-up and cosmetics from the skin.
    2. Finish preparing the skin by applying an even layer of ACTIVATE
    3. Post Light Therapy treatment, apply CULTIVATE to intensify the results.
    4. Re-apply cosmetics and make-up as usual.
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