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Revitalise, Regenerate and Rejuvenate your skin

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The Beauty Angel Energising

Light Technology (ELT), is a

natural and relaxing

anti-ageing treatment.

It gives clearer, plumper,

looking skin, by boosting the

skin's own collagen process.

Perfect as a treatment on its

own or with an existing

treatment such as after a facial.


The Beauty Angel ELT boosts Collagen,

Elastin and Hyaluron production. 

It does this by delivering a broad spectrum

of light at the same time (570-850nm),

instead of selected wavelengths. This

makes the light therapy rejuvenation is

much more effective. 

Our Philosophy



Revitalise, Regenerate and Rejuvenate your collagen and elastin levels. Let Beauty Angel work with your skin, not against it



The Beauty Angel ELT was developed specifically to meet the needs of beauty experts. Light Therapy is ideal for combining with other treatments.


- Non invasive

- Gentle and relaxing with no healing time

- Stimulates the fibroblasts to promote collagen and      elastin production

- Increases hydration levels

- Improves supply of oxygen to the skin

Skin Rejuvenation

Results & Sessions


There is a noticeable difference after your first treatment. Your skin will be glowing, with improved blood circulation and you will feel relaxed and energised. 

You can have one session for an instant booster or you can book a course of 10-30 sessions if you want to target fine lines and wrinkles, diminish age spots and treat skin healing, skin problems and muscle repair.

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